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Mukoh Matcha / Mukou Matcha

*Direct Trade Culinary / Confectionary Grade [Sweet Matcha] Sweetened matcha green tea powder ready for latte, baking, sweets etc.

*Direct Trade Culinary / Confectionary Grade [Sweet Matcha] Sweetened matcha green tea powder ready for latte, baking, sweets etc.

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[保存方法 Storage]

✅抹茶 / 緑茶 は、冷蔵庫に入れておけば、1年〜2年でも大丈夫です。冷凍庫に入れておけば長い間鮮度が保たれます。ただ、冷暗所に置いておく場合は、夏の場合、3〜4ヶ月で色も味も変わってしまいます。また、冷蔵庫に入れておかれた場合でも、抹茶/ 緑茶は香が移りやすいですので、臭いのきついものと一緒に保管されておくと、匂いが移ってしまうのでご注意ください。こういった理由により、ご購入頂いた抹茶 / 緑茶に記載しております”賞味期限”は、冷暗所で保存された場合の目安となっております。

Matcha / Green tea is fine for one or two years if kept in the refrigerator. If kept in the freezer, its freshness will be preserved indefinitely. However, if left in a cool, dark place, the color and taste will change in 3-4 months, especially in the summer. Also, even if kept in the refrigerator, Matcha / Green tea easily absorbs scents, so please be careful not to store it with strong-smelling items as the smell may transfer. Therefore, the expiration date is just a “guide” when stored in a cool, dark place.

[お召し上がり方 how to use]

✅水やお湯、牛乳に混ぜてお召し上がりください。Please enjoy by mixing with water, hot water, or milk.

[商品について About this item]

原材料Ingredients: 100% 八女産 抹茶パウダー、グラニュー糖 100% Yame Matcha Green Tea Powder, Granulated Sugar

「甘い抹茶(ピンク)」は、一番茶入り二番茶を使用した抹茶にグラニュー糖で甘味を足した「甘い抹茶」です。甘みがありますので、そのままお湯やお冷、牛乳に混ぜて飲んだり、製菓・料理用にもお使いいただけます。" Sweet matcha (pink)” is a "sweet matcha" that added sweetness with granulated sugar to matcha. It has a sweetness, so you can mix it with hot, cold water, or milk, you can also use it for confectionery, cooking, and baking.

✅ 原材料はシンプルに、希少な福岡県の八女産抹茶とグラニュー糖だけ。保存料や人工甘味料、香料、着色料などは使用しておりません。ほどよく甘味を抑えたスイート抹茶です。スプーン1杯の「スイート抹茶」に牛乳を入れて飲んだり、シフォンケーキやパンケーキ、マフィン、ババロア、パンナコッタ、ドーナツ、ムース、スムージー、ティラミス、クッキー、羊羹、クレープ、ケーキ、などにそのままお使い頂けます。

The ingredients are simple, only rare Yame tea from Fukuoka Prefecture and granulated sugar. No preservatives, artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors are used. It is a sweet matcha that is moderately sweetened. You can drink it by adding milk to one spoonful of “sweet matcha”, or use it as it is for chiffon cakes, pancakes, muffins, Bavarian cream, panna cotta, donuts, mousse, smoothies, tiramisu, cookies, yokan, crepes, cakes and more.

無糖、無添加、無塩、無着色、無香料、ですので、そのままお湯や水、牛乳に混ぜて飲んで頂いてもいいですし、砂糖を加えてお菓子やお料理などにもお使い頂けます。It is sugar-free, additive-free, salt-free, color-free, and fragrance-free, so you can mix it with hot water, water, or milk as it is, or you can add sugar and use it for sweets and dishes.

抹茶は日本の茶道で長年の文化的な地位があり、静寂とリラクゼーションの象徴とされています。抹茶を飲む習慣を日常に取り入れることで、落ち着きと安らぎを感じることができます。Matcha has a long-standing cultural position in Japanese tea ceremonies and is considered a symbol of tranquility and relaxation. Incorporating the habit of drinking matcha into your daily routine can help you feel calm and at peace.

[八女茶(やめちゃ)]は、日本茶の総生産量の約3%しか生産量のない希少なお茶で、福岡県で生産されるお茶のブランドです。[Yamecha / Yame tea] Yame Tea is a brand of tea produced in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. It is a rare and highly esteemed brand, accounting for only about 3% of the total Japanese tea production. 

抹茶は、収穫前に数週間日陰で覆われた茶葉かを細かく粉砕して作られた粉末状の高品質の日本の緑茶の一種です。濃厚でクリーミーな風味があり、茶道でよく使われます。美味しいだけでなく、緑茶の栄養成分を余すことなく摂取できるのも特徴です。Matcha is a high-quality Japanese green tea powder made by finely grinding tea leaves that have been shaded for several weeks before harvest. It has a rich and creamy flavor and is often used in tea ceremonies. Not only is it delicious, but it also allows you to consume all the nutrients of green tea without leaving any behind.

100% 福岡の八女茶 [Authentic, Rare, High-Quality, Valuable 100% Yame Matcha Green Tea Powder] made from Yame green tea Leaves. Yame tea is known for its high quality and is often considered one of the top green teas in Japan.

✅「向抹茶」の抹茶グレードは、使用される茶葉の品質、栽培場所と方法、および処理方法によってセレモニアル、プレミアム、製菓用のグレードがございます。Mukoh Matcha's Matcha is available in different grades, such as Ceremonial, Premium, and Culinary which are determined by the quality of the tea leaves used, the location and method of cultivation, and the processing methods. 

抹茶の独特な風味:抹茶は、他の種類のお茶とは異なる、独特な風味を持っています。温かい飲み物や冷たい飲み物として楽しむことができる他、料理やスイーツにもよく使用されます。Unique Flavor: Matcha has a distinctive flavor that sets it apart from other types of tea. It can be enjoyed as a hot or cold beverage and is often used in cooking and sweets as well.

緑茶の成分「エピガロカテキンガレート(EGCg)」は、摂氏80度を超える高温で抽出されやすく、旨み成分の「アミノ酸」は低温で抽出されやすくなります。「カフェイン」は、低温でお茶を淹れることで抽出を減らすことができます。The green tea component "epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg)" is easily extracted at high temperatures above 80 degrees Celsius, while the umami component "amino acids" is easily extracted at low temperatures. "Caffeine" can be reduced by brewing tea at low temperatures.

保存方法 高温多湿を避け、できれば冷蔵庫に保管し、移り香にご注意ください。Storage method: Avoid high temperature and humidity, and if possible, store in the refrigerator, and be careful not to transfer the fragrance.

「向抹茶」は、600年間、代々その技術を引き継がれてきた熟練の茶農家が生産する高品質の「八女茶」をお届けしております。“Mukoh Matcha" prides itself on delivering high-quality green tea and matcha sourced exclusively from Fukuoka, Japan’s lush, water-rich Yame region, where tea production has been passed down through generations of expert farmers over the past 600 years. 

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