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[Fucoidan Beverage] "Sea Fucoidan" (Original) - Premium Seaweed Extract ( 900ml x 2 bottles )

[Fucoidan Beverage] "Sea Fucoidan" (Original) - Premium Seaweed Extract ( 900ml x 2 bottles )

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SEA FUCOIDAN is the most popular Ultra Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan beverage on the market.

PREMIUM & CLINICALLY TESTED FUCOIDAN. Premium Fucoidan from World Peace Inc. is the purest available on the market. It is clinically tested to guarantee high quality extract is preserved in every bottle of Fucoidan. Sourced from hand-harvested Mozuku seaweed, collected from the pristine coral reefs of Tonga in the Pacific Ocean.

25 YEARS OF FUCOIDAN PRODUCTION. We have been manufacturing Fucoidan products in our Japanese production facility since 1997 and have the highest advancement in extraction on the market.

ADVANCED EXTRACTION PROCESS. Unique solvent-free extraction technology, developed and used exclusively by World Peace Inc., produces a Fucoidan extract that remains unpolluted in chemical structure and free from undesirable residues. The extraction process complies with the rigorous quality standards and regulatory requirements of the World Health Organization. 

LOW MOLECULAR WEIGHT ABSORPTION. The absorption rate of Fucoidan products is extremely important. If the molecular weight is too high, the benefits of Fucoidan will be lost through excrement as the body will be unable to process the nutrients. Our low molecular weight production process ensures Sea Fucoidan can be absorbed effectively by everyone, including elderly people and those who have a weak stomach.

100% VEGAN WITH NO FILLERS, BINDERS OR ADDITIVES. We stand by our clean and environmentally friendly production process. Tongan Mozuku is grown in deep-ocean water. Although an expensive process, our Fucoidan is of the highest quality. There are no additional chemicals unlike most Fucoidan products available on the market.



2bottles x 900ml Sea Fucoidan

30ml x 1 Measuring Cup

Raw Materials

Brown algae (Mozuku,Durvillea)/Vitamin C, Acidulant(Citric acid), Vitamin B1 Nicotinic-acid amide, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2

Nutrition Facts per 100g

Sugar-free Sea Fucoidan

Energy 5kcal, Protein 0.1g, Lipid 0.1g, Total carbohydrate 1.7g(Sugar 0.5g Dietary fiber 1.2g), Natrium 70mg(Amount equivalent to salt 0.178g), Vitamin C 200mg, Vitamin B1 4.0mg, Vitamin B6 1.3mg

Sweetened Sea Fucoidan

Energy 16kcal, Protein 0.1g, Lipid 0.1g, Total carbohydrate 4.4g(Sugar 3.4g Dietary fiber 1.0g), Natrium 65mg(Amount equivalent to salt 0.165g), Vitamin C 200mg, Vitamin B1 4.0mg, Vitamin B6 1.3mg


Directions For Consumption

Take 30ml 1~2 times a day before meals or on an empty stomach.

Sea Fucoidan has an expiration date of 2 years if unopened.

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