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Mukoh Matcha

Dreaming Matcha Paste 向抹茶(むこうまっちゃ)Mukoh Matcha

Dreaming Matcha Paste 向抹茶(むこうまっちゃ)Mukoh Matcha

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Made exclusively from 100% Yame Tea leaves, our [Yame Matcha Paste] boasts a vibrant green color that is less prone to discoloration, all without the addition of any extra ingredients.

Yame Tea, renowned for its exquisite flavor and distinct green hue, is known to change color when exposed to heat, much like other green teas and matcha. However, our [Yame Matcha Paste] comes to the rescue, allowing you to maintain that lustrous green shade in your culinary creations. It's a versatile and convenient addition to your baking and cooking endeavors, providing that radiant green touch you desire.

ほとんど分離しない- Minimal separation.

紫外線劣化しにくい- Resistant to UV degradation.

PHに影響されにくい- pH-resistant.

ほとんど沈殿を起こさない- Minimal sedimentation.

常温で輸送・保存が可能です- Suitable for transportation and storage at room temperature.

天然の緑茶を長期にわたり保持できる- Preserves natural green tea flavor over an extended period.

ゼロエミッションである- Zero emissions.

お茶本来の香りがそれほど強くありません- Mild tea aroma.

原料の緑色が忠実に再生可能である- - Faithful reproduction of the original green color.

食品のみならず多岐にわたって利用が可能です。- Versatile for use in various products.

低カフェインです- Low caffeine content.

熱に強く品質が安定しています- Exceptionally heat-stable.

・120℃の高熱殺菌をしても緑色が変化しない- Maintains green color even at high temperatures (up to 120°C).

アイスクリームプリンパンケーキなどに最適な [八女 抹茶ペースト]は、鮮やかな緑色が変色しにくく便利

Perfect for ice cream, pudding, bread, cakes, and more, [Yame Matcha Paste] is your ideal choice. Its brilliant green color remains stable, resisting discoloration, making it incredibly convenient for a variety of uses.

✅抹茶 ペーストは、開封前は1年間の賞味期限がございます。冷蔵庫や冷凍庫に入れておけば長い間鮮度が保たれます。ただ、冷暗所に置いておく場合でも夏の場合、3〜4ヶ月で、色も味も変わってしまいます。冷蔵庫に入れておかれた場合、抹茶は香が移りやすいですので、臭いのきついものと一緒に保管されておくと、匂いが移ってしまうのでご注意ください。開封後は、冷蔵庫に保管し、できるだけ早く使い切ってください。

✅ Matcha paste has a shelf life of one year before opening. Storing it in the refrigerator or freezer will help maintain its freshness for an extended period. However, even when kept in a cool, dark place, especially during the summer months, both the color and flavor may change within 3-4 months. Matcha is prone to absorbing odors, so please be cautious about storing it alongside strongly scented items. After opening, store it in the refrigerator and try to use it up as soon as possible.


“Mukoh Matcha" prides itself on delivering high-quality green tea and matcha sourced exclusively from Fukuoka, Japan’s lush, water-rich Yame region, where tea production has been passed down through generations of expert farmers over the past 600 years. 

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