Yame Gyokuro Green Tea – The Most Luxurious Green Tea

Yame Gyokuro Green Tea – The Most Luxurious Green Tea

Green tea, when brewed, is greenish or yellowish in color. The tea's flavor and color depend highly on the brewing process. Green tea has two main categories, i.e., Chinese and Japanese. Japanese green teas are made by steaming the leaves, and Chinese ones are made by pan-frying the leaves.

Some popular Japanese green teas have a sweet flavor and light green shade once brewed. Some of these teas are Sencha, Hojicha, Genmaicha, Gyokuro, and Matcha.


Gyokuro translated as jade dew, is known as the highest grade of green tea. Gyokuro leaves are dark green in color. Once brewed, it is sweet and has a fresh aroma. The manufacturing process of Gyokuro is similar to that of the sencha except for the cultivation method. Before harvesting, the green tea leaves are covered with shading to protect them from sunlight. The process is somewhat similar to that of matcha.


The taste of green tea is large because of the presence of an amino acid known as L-theanine. It adds flavor and sweetness to the tea. L-theanine is also present in the Gyayusa plant and some types of mushrooms.

This compound is produced from the roots of the plant. From there, they are sent to the leaves. When the sunlight shines on the leaves, this compound breaks down to form catechin. Catechin is responsible for many health benefits and is considered a powerful antioxidant. The balance between L-theanine and Catechin makes up for the optimum taste of the tea.

If there is less light, photosynthesis is automatically slowed down. This means that only a minimum amount of L-theanine is converted to catechin with less sunlight. This makes Gyokuro rich in its taste.

Four Reasons to Drink Gyokuro Tea:

Gyokuro is one of the most popular leaf teas in Japan. Here are four of the main reasons why you should start drinking Gyokuro tea right now:

  1. The first reason why it is so well-liked is that it is very high in caffeine. It contains 120-140 mg of caffeine per cup, which is more than a small cup of coffee.
  2. In addition to being high in caffeine, Gyokuro is also high in L-theanine. l- theanine gives a sweet and savory flavor to the tea. It is also responsible for the calming and relaxing feeling you get after drinking the tea.
  3. It has an incredibly strong flavor that is unique in teas.
  4. The tea works great as a cold brew. Gyokuro teas are amazing when prepared cold because it produces a sweet and refreshing cold brew without tasting too watered down.

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