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Mukoh Matcha / Mukou Matcha is provides you Best Quality of Japanese Yame Green Tea / Matcha from Japan

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Wholesale Japanese High Quality Matcha, Gyokuro, Green Tea, Catechin, Theanine, egcg, Yamecha

If you are you looking for Genuine, Authentic Japanese Yame Green Tea, Gyokuro, Matcha company to purchase or wholesale High Quality of Japanese Yame Green Tea, Gyokuro and Matcha. Please try our Yame Japanese Green Tea, Gyokuro, Matcha. Mukoh / Mukou Matcha provides best quality of Japanese Yame Green Tea / Matcha from Fukuoka Japan. 

Our Green Tea has long history



Long History of Japanese Green Tea

That's Us! If you're looking for ;

  • Wholesale High-Quality Japanese Yame Green Tea, Gyokuro, Matcha
  • If you have Restaurant, Cafe, Shop, looking for High-Quality of Japanese Yame Green Tea, Gyokuro, Matcha
  • If you would like to produce Green Tea, Gyokuro, Matcha original products

Why Us!? Because we are / our Green Tea products are ;

  • Quick Response 365 / year
  • Green Tea, Gyokuro, Matcha direct from long history of Yame Green Tea Farmer
  • The most luxury, expensive, high-quality Japanese Yame Green Tea, Gyokuro, Matcha
  • If you are looking for Organic one, we also can provide them
  • Award Winning Yame Japanese Green Tea, Gyokuro, Matcha
  • Fast Shipping via EMS ( Takes 7 to 10 days )

High Safety Standard Facility

Mukoh / Mukou Matcha 's Japanese Yame Green Tea, Gyokuro, Matcha are 100% from the Single Origin and Award Winning Yame Japanese Green Tea Field, and processes clean high safety standard facility in Yame Fukuoka Japan. Most of our tea famers have been making Green Tea for three generations. Usually, the better taste of Green Tea is not organic, since they needs a lot to take care of and fertilizer. However, if you would like to purchase Organic Green Tea, we also can provide them for you with certification. 

Our Green Tea, Gyokuro, Matcha are Fresh!

Mukoh Matcha Mukou Matcha The most Luxury Trustworthy Japanese Yamecha Green Tea Matcha Gyokuro Store

Mukoh / Mukou Matcha's Yame Japanese Green Tea, Gyokuro, Matcha are evacuated and sealed, stored in the refrigerator for keeping them as fresh as possible before shipping them. 

 Award Winner Green Tea & Farmers!

Award Winner Green Tea

Mukoh / Mukou Matcha 's Yame Japanese Green Tea, Gyokuro, Matcha are Single Origin and Award Winning Green Tea, Gyokuro. Matcha. Young Barley Leaves are also grown and harvested in same tea farmer. We are trying to support Yame Japanese Green Tea farmers as they are getting older and lesser.

Award Winner Green Tea Online Shop

Green Tea Masters!

We have qualified Green Tea masters called "Japanese Green Tea Instructor". If you need information about Yame  Japanese Green Tea, Gyokuro, or Matcha, we're willing to give you wide and deep knowledge of Yame  Japanese Green Tea, Gyokuro and Matcha etc. Also, If you need Japanese Green Tea, Gyokuro, Matcha instructors in your event, please contact us. We can arrange the person and schedule. 

Both Small and large quantities!

We can handle both small and large quantities. 

Packaging / Designing / ODM / OEM / Original Brand Product

Are you looking for the company to make your original Green Tea, Gyokuro, Matcha products? Depending on your request, we can produce tea bags, individual packages, or original packages.

Furthermore, if you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are available year-round and offer support. If you're interested in developing your own original brand or custom packaging, we're here to help. We also offer design services. Feel free to reach out to us at contact@mukohmatcha.com.