Most Popular Way to Make Sencha Green Tea

Most Popular Way to Make Sencha Green Tea

Green tea is notably among the most popular teas when it comes to true teas. True teas include other types of teas, too, including black tea as well white tea. The main difference between the teas is the process of fermentation as well as the oxidation process. Green tea leaves are steamed directly after being harvested. This helps prevent oxidation. The leaves are then cooled down and then dried.

Sencha is a fine Japanese tea. The Sencha tea leaf is fragrant, shiny, and dark in color. When steeped, it is aromatic and gives a fresh grassy green taste.

Health Benefits of Sencha Green Tea:

The main reason Japanese people love brewing green tea is its health benefits which are much better than the other teas.

Mental Alertness:

The high amount of caffeine helps you stay mentally alert and keeps you going throughout the day. The caffeine is way better than the caffeine present in the coffee as it is released in minimal amounts. This means that you can stay mentally alert for longer.

Healthy Heart:

Green tea helps reduce the risk of high blood pressure and maintains heart health.

Enhanced Metabolism:

Green tea has an antioxidant ECGG. It helps makes your metabolism faster, and this supports the body by burning calories.

Prevents Acne:

Green tea helps makes your skin glowy and prevents acne. Vitamin c present in green tea helps avoid wrinkles too.

Popular Way to Make Green Tea:

Here are some of the popular ways to make green tea, and they are much easier than you think.

Sencha Tea Drink

This Japanese green tea is made in less than 10 minutes and is best to keep you going throughout the day. Let’s dig into the recipe for this drink.

Brew Time:

This recipe takes 4-5 minutes to cook.

Preparation Time:

The total preparation time is 10 minutes.

Serving Size:

This recipe makes 1 cup.

Difficulty Level:


Required Ingredients:

For Green Tea

  1. Yamecha Sencha Green Tea Leaves from Mukou Matcha – 2 tsp.
  2. Water – 1 cup

Instructions for Making:

  1. Place green tea leaves in the infuser.
  2. Add water to a glass. The temperature of the water should be 75°C/165°F.
  3. Add the infuser into the glass and wait for 1 minute.
  4. If you want a stronger tea, let it sit there for 30 more seconds.
  5. Sencha green tea is ready.

The Final Takeaway:

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