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Mukoh Matcha

[Dreaming Strawberry] Powdered Japanese ”Amaou" Strawberry "夢みる苺" あまおう ストロベリー パウダー 向抹茶(むこうまっちゃ)Mukoh Matcha

[Dreaming Strawberry] Powdered Japanese ”Amaou" Strawberry "夢みる苺" あまおう ストロベリー パウダー 向抹茶(むこうまっちゃ)Mukoh Matcha

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🍓This is a sugar-free powder of “Amaou” strawberries from Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan. It does not use additives, preservatives, fragrances, or sweeteners. It is pure [Amaou Strawberry Powder].

🍓Strawberries, including Amaou, are rich in vitamin C, potassium, and dietary fiber. It is said to be effective for beautiful skin, preventing colds, and recovering from fatigue. Amaou, which is both delicious and healthy, is freeze-dried and made into a powder.

🍓"Amaou" is a strawberry that surpasses the popular variety "Toyonoka" in size and sweetness. Developed over five years with the goal of becoming the best in Japan, Amaou aims to replace the well-loved "Toyonoka" nationwide. Known for its large and well-shaped fruits, vibrant red color with a glossy appearance, and a well-balanced combination of sweetness and acidity, Amaou derives its name from the initials of its key characteristics: "akai (red), marui (round), ookii (large), umai (delicious).

🍓Amaou strawberries have better fruit coloring compared to Toyonoka, turning red even during the cold winter months. The skin is firm with an excellent gloss.

The shape of the fruit is round, with fewer grooves on the surface, making it well-formed. The sugar content of the juice is about the same or slightly higher than Toyonoka, and with a higher acidity, the taste is good.

The size of the fruit is larger than Toyonoka, with an average weight about 1.2 times greater.

🍓"Amaou" is a premium strawberry brand cultivated in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. The name is an acronym for its four standout qualities: "Akai" (red), "Marui" (round), "Ookii" (large), and "Umai" (delicious). Amaou strawberries are renowned for their sweetness, vivid red color, and juicy, tender flesh, earning high acclaim both domestically and internationally.

🍓- **Red**: Amaou strawberries have a deep red skin that becomes even more vibrant as they ripen.
🍓- **Round**: The berries are large and round, making them visually appealing.
🍓- **Large**: Amaou strawberries are notable for their large size, with densely packed flesh.
🍓- **Delicious**: They offer a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, with a juicy and rich flavor.

🍓Amaou strawberries are cultivated in Fukuoka Prefecture, where the climate and soil conditions are ideal for growing strawberries. Strict standards are applied from cultivation to harvest and shipment to maintain quality. The main harvest season is from winter to spring, when the tastiest Amaou strawberries can be enjoyed.
Amaou strawberries are popular not only for fresh consumption but also as ingredients in various desserts, such as cakes, parfaits, and jams. They are also a popular choice for gifts on special occasions like Valentine's Day, due to their premium quality.

🍓Amaou is a high-quality strawberry brand from Fukuoka Prefecture, beloved for its delicious taste and attractive appearance. It has gained recognition not only in Japan but also internationally, playing a role in showcasing the excellence of Japanese fruit to the world.

🍓- **100% Pure Amaou Strawberry Powder**: Experience Fukuoka's finest strawberries in a versatile, pure powder form.

🍓- **Direct from Fukuoka**: Directly from the lush fields of Fukuoka, Japan, ensuring authentic quality and flavor.

🍓- **All-Natural Sweetness**: Enjoy the natural sweetness and rich flavor of Amaou strawberries with no added sugars or artificial ingredients.

🍓- **Rich in Antioxidants**: Packed with antioxidants, our Amaou strawberry powder offers health benefits alongside its exquisite taste.

🍓- **Versatile Culinary Use**: Perfect for smoothies, baking, desserts, and even savory dishes, adding a burst of strawberry flavor and color.

🍓- **Convenient and Long-lasting**: Easy to store and use, offering the fresh taste of Amaou strawberries year-round, regardless of the season.

 🍓- **Ideal for Gifts and Souvenirs**: A thoughtful and unique gift for foodies, chefs, and anyone who appreciates the finer tastes in life.

🍓Amaou Strawberry Powder is fine for one or two years if kept in the refrigerator. If kept in the freezer, its freshness will be preserved indefinitely. However, if left in a cool, dark place, the color and taste will change in 3-4 months, especially in the summer. Also, even if kept in the refrigerator, Amaou Strawberry Powder easily absorbs scents, so please be careful not to store it with strong-smelling items as the smell may transfer. Therefore, the expiration date is just a “guide” when stored in a cool, dark place.

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