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Mukoh Matcha

[Dreaming Instant Ryokucha (Powdered Yamecha Green Tea)] "夢みる緑茶"(やちりんクイック緑茶)Mukoh Matcha 本格 粉末 緑茶 時短緑茶 忙しくても手軽にたっぷり飲める 濃い茶 インスタント緑茶 八女茶 保存料無添加 無香料 向抹茶

[Dreaming Instant Ryokucha (Powdered Yamecha Green Tea)] "夢みる緑茶"(やちりんクイック緑茶)Mukoh Matcha 本格 粉末 緑茶 時短緑茶 忙しくても手軽にたっぷり飲める 濃い茶 インスタント緑茶 八女茶 保存料無添加 無香料 向抹茶

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本格粉末緑茶 [時短緑茶] で忙しいあなたにも、贅沢なひとときを。この便利なインスタント茶は、いつでもどこでも、濃厚で風味豊かな八女茶を手軽に楽しむことができます。一番茶の上質な新芽を使用し、保存料や人工香料は不使用。忙しい方にも本物のお茶体験を提供します。

For busy individuals seeking a luxurious moment, even amidst their hectic schedules, our authentic powdered green tea, 'Time-Saving Green Tea,' offers just that. This convenient instant tea allows you to easily savor the rich and flavorful Yame tea anytime, anywhere. Made from the finest first-picked tea leaves, with no preservatives or artificial flavors added, it provides a genuine tea experience even for the busiest of people.


The caffeine extraction level can be adjusted by the temperature of the water. Brewing with hot water yields more caffeine and consequently, more bitterness. When you want to start your day energetically or accompany a heavy meal, brew with hot water. For evenings or moments of relaxation, or when you want to enjoy green tea with a light meal, you can brew it as cold tea. It also tastes delicious as a latte with milk. Since it's finely powdered, it's also perfect for cooking and baking.

この「時短緑茶」は、100% 八女茶 一番茶を粉末にした本格的な「緑茶」が手軽に楽しめる粉末緑茶です。小さな急須の場合 100ml の温かいお湯に、ほんの0.1g〜0.3g程度入れるだけで美味しい緑茶を召し上がって頂けます。濃いめのお茶を飲みたい時には、0.5g〜1gをお湯に溶いてください。熱いお湯で淹れると苦味が増しますので、冷たい水で冷茶を作る場合には、粉末緑茶の量は少し多めに入れても苦味は減少されます。

This 'Time-Saving Green Tea' is a powdered green tea that allows you to enjoy authentic 'green tea,' made from 100% Yame tea first-picked leaves, conveniently. For a small teapot, simply add around 0.1g to 0.3g of the powder to 100ml of warm water to enjoy delicious green tea. If you prefer a stronger brew, dissolve 0.5g to 1g in hot water. Brewing with hot water increases bitterness, so when making cold tea with cold water, adding a slightly larger amount of powdered green tea will reduce bitterness.

🍵 原材料は、100% 八女 一番茶です。Ingredients: 100% Yame first-picked tea leaves.

🍵 新鮮な茶葉を粉末にした、本格的な味わいの緑茶。Authentic green tea with the flavor of freshly ground tea leaves.

🍵 保存料や人工香料は一切不使用。No preservatives or artificial flavors added.

🍵 温茶でも冷茶でも、牛乳とラテでも楽しめます。Perfect with both hot water and cold water, even with milk.

🍵 毎日の忙しい生活にぴったりの時短茶。Perfect for busy daily life, saving you time.

🍵 充実した一日の始まりや終わりにぴったりのお茶です。Perfect tea for starting or ending a fulfilling day.

🍵 濃いめのお茶を飲みたい時には、量を調節できます。Adjust the amount for a stronger brew when desired.

🍵 粉末緑茶の苦味は冷たい水で作る冷茶では減少します。Bitterness of powdered green tea decreases when making cold tea with cold water.

🍵 緑茶の栄養成分を手軽に摂取できます。Easily intake the nutritional components of green tea.

🍵 手軽に本格的な八女茶を楽しめる、日常のお供に最適。Perfect for everyday enjoyment, offering authentic Yame tea with ease.

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