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Mukoh Matcha

Dreaming Houjicha (Powder) 向抹茶(むこうまっちゃ)Mukoh Matcha

Dreaming Houjicha (Powder) 向抹茶(むこうまっちゃ)Mukoh Matcha

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"Hojicha" is a traditional Japanese green tea variety known for its distinctive flavor and aroma. 

1. Production Method:

✅ Hojicha is made by roasting tea leaves at high temperatures. Typically, green tea leaves (especially sencha or gyokuro) are used, and they may be steamed before roasting. After steaming, the leaves are roasted in an oven, causing them to turn brown and develop the unique flavor and aroma associated with hojicha. The degree of roasting can vary, leading to variations in the flavor and color of hojicha.

2. Aroma and Flavor:

✅ Hojicha has a unique aroma resulting from the roasting process. It often carries the scent of roasted rice or toasted bread. The flavor is sweet and mellow, occasionally featuring nutty notes. The extent of roasting impacts the aroma and flavor profiles.

3. Health Benefits:

Like regular green tea, hojicha contains beneficial compounds such as antioxidants and catechins. These components are believed to contribute to antioxidant effects and improved metabolism. Additionally, hojicha has a lower caffeine content, making it suitable for those looking to limit their caffeine intake.

4. Enjoying Hojicha:

✅ Hojicha is commonly enjoyed as a tea in Japan. It is typically brewed with hot water, but it's also popular served cold or as a hojicha latte. Hojicha pairs well with traditional Japanese sweets and cuisine, and it is used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies and rituals.

Hojicha's distinctive flavor and cultural significance have made it a beloved tea both in Japan and internationally.

Generally, hojicha is best enjoyed with water at around 80-90°C (176-194°F). Place a spoonful of hojicha powder into your cup. Pour hot water into the cup or teapot with the hojicha powder. Hojicha is delightful on its own, but feel free to add sugar or milk to your liking. Adjust to suit your taste. In Japan, it's often enjoyed alongside traditional Japanese sweets. Additionally, hojicha can be enjoyed as a cold beverage, and you can explore variations like hojicha lattes.

**Product Description: Hojicha (Roasted Green Tea)**

Hojicha is a distinctive Japanese green tea created by roasting (or toasting) sencha (green tea leaves) over high heat. This meticulous process results in a tea with a delightful toasty aroma, often referred to as "hoji香" or fire fragrance. Hojicha is known for its mild taste, low bitterness, and minimal astringency, providing a refreshing and clean flavor profile.


1. **Robust Roasting Process:** Our hojicha is crafted through a careful roasting process, enhancing the tea leaves with a rich and savory aroma. The strong fire roasting imparts a unique depth to the flavor, distinguishing hojicha from other green teas.

2. **Selected Fresh Leaves:** We use carefully selected fresh tea leaves, ensuring the highest quality. The new shoots contribute to the tea's vibrant flavor and nutritional richness, creating a well-balanced and satisfying cup.

3. **Gentle on the Stomach:** Hojicha is known for its gentle nature on the stomach, making it an ideal companion during meals. With minimal stimulation, it complements various dishes, providing a soothing tea experience.

4. **Versatile Enjoyment:** Hojicha can be enjoyed in various ways – whether sipped on its own or prepared as iced hojicha or hojicha latte. Feel free to explore different styles to find the perfect match for your preferences.

**Cultural Significance:**

While hojicha is not traditionally considered a premium tea like gyokuro or sencha, it has found its place in Kyoto's rich tea culture. In Kyoto, high-quality hojicha is increasingly served in formal settings, including upscale restaurants and traditional tea ceremonies.

**Health Benefits:**

Hojicha boasts several health benefits attributed to its unique composition:

- **Theanine:** Amino acid known for relaxation and stress relief.
- **Pyrazine:** Responsible for the distinctive toasty aroma, linked to mental stability and skin improvement.
- **Catechins:** Thought to aid in weight management and provide antibacterial properties.
- **Vitamin C:** Abundant in hojicha, supporting skin health and acting as an antioxidant.
- **Vitamin E:** Contributes to cell activation, potentially aiding in cancer prevention and anti-aging.
- **Chlorophyll:** Promotes healthy blood circulation, contributing to overall well-being.

**Brewing Methods:**

While dedicated tea producers use specialized roasting equipment, hojicha can be made at home using a hojiroku (roasting device) or even a thick pot or frying pan. Care must be taken to avoid overheating and potential fire hazards during the roasting process.

Indulge in the comforting aroma and nuanced flavors of hojicha, an embodiment of Japanese tea craftsmanship that harmonizes tradition with modern wellness principles.

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