Yame Traditional Authentic Gyokuro - Yame Dentou Hon Gyokuro

"Yame Traditional Authentic Gyokuro Green Tea" holds a remarkable position in the world of tea. Despite accounting for just 0.013% of Japan's total tea production, this exceptional tea variety has garnered high praise both domestically and internationally. It has received numerous accolades, including a more than 20-year streak of winning first place in the National Tea Appraisal Competition and the grand prize in the "Gyokuro and Matcha" category at the Japanese Tea Contest "Japanese Tea Selection Paris," held in France.

The meticulous craftsmanship of "Yame Traditional Authentic Gyokuro" sets it apart. It adheres to traditional techniques and spares no effort during its production process. This dedication to quality and tradition has earned it the exclusive "GI certification" from the Japanese government, which protects the relationship between the region and the product's overwhelming quality.

But what makes "Yame Traditional Authentic Gyokuro" truly exceptional? It's all about the traditional cultivation methods. Grown in sun-deprived fields in the mountainous terrain, these tea plants are intentionally left unpruned in a natural, unaltered state. The key to creating its unique, silky sweetness, thanks to increased amino acid theanine, lies in controlling sunlight. To achieve this, the entire tea garden is covered, shielding the tea plants from direct sunlight. While most Gyokuro cultivation regions use synthetic fiber for covering, Yame insists on using natural straw, as synthetic materials can raise the field's temperature excessively. Blocking the light allows nutrients to flow differently, prompting the new buds to grow upwards, a testament to the natural vitality that is the source of its exquisite flavor.

Harvesting is equally meticulous. Only when the leaves have unfolded to about 4-5 leaves is the special "one bud, two leaves" known as "ichishin nibyō" plucked, and this must be done by hand. The freshly plucked leaves are steamed to preserve their composition and then carefully shaped into beautiful needle-like forms before being shipped.

For the perfect brewing experience, selecting a small teapot is ideal, as it allows for a thorough extraction of flavors without exposing the tea to the air. It's essential to avoid stirring the teapot, as doing so can lead to the introduction of unwanted bitterness or off-flavors. Maintaining a serene and unagitated brewing process is key to preserving the tea's exquisite qualities.

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"Yame Traditional Authentic Gyokuro Green Tea" is an exceptionally rare variety, known for its limited production and unparalleled quality. It is often referred to as the "elixir of the gods" or the "drop of heaven" due to its exceptional characteristics. This remarkable tea comprises only 0.013% of the total national Japanese tea production, out of the 835,000 tons produced.

To become "Yame Traditional Authentic Gyokuro," specific technical conditions must be met:

1. The tea must be grown in naturally shaped tea gardens, without the use of the traditional "kamaboko" or box-shaped garden structures.

2. The tea gardens must be meticulously managed with proper fertilization.

3. The shading of the tea plants is achieved using indirect "shelf" methods, with natural materials such as rice straw.

4. The shading period should last for at least 16 days.

5. The tea leaves must be hand-picked during the harvest.

6. Harvesting is conducted at the right time to ensure the tea leaves do not harden.

7. The tea leaves must be carefully processed without defects or imperfections.

These specific criteria are essential to ensure the quality and authenticity of "Yame Traditional Authentic Gyokuro Green Tea." The result is the most luxurious and highest-grade green tea available. It boasts a beautiful color, a captivating aroma, and a rich and deep taste, making it a truly special and luxurious green tea experience.

🍵 The name 'Yame Traditional Authentic Gyokuro' is protected by the government, and it can only be used when certain criteria are met, including cultivation in Yame, the selection of high-quality tea leaves, and adherence to traditional production methods.

🍵 Handpicked from sun-deprived fields, this tea is meticulously crafted using traditional cultivation methods.

🍵 "Yame Traditional Authentic Gyokuro" boasts a more than 20-year streak of winning first place in the National Tea Appraisal Competition, among other prestigious awards.

🍵 Protected by exclusive "GI certification," this Gyokuro is a testament to Japan's commitment to preserving traditional tea-making techniques.


🍵 Japanese Tea Treasure: Yame Traditional Authentic Gyokuro is one of the finest and rarest tea varieties in the world of Japanese tea.

🍵 Limited Production: With its uniqueness, it accounts for a mere 0.013% of Japan's entire tea production, making it exceptionally rare.

🍵 Recognized Worldwide: It has received accolades, including a 20-year streak of winning first place in the National Tea Appraisal Competition and achieving the grand prize in the Japanese Tea Contest in Paris, earning praise both domestically and internationally.

🍵 GI Certification: It holds the prestigious "GI certification" recognized by the Japanese government, safeguarding the quality and origin of this exceptional tea.

🍵 Tradition and Craftsmanship: Cherishing traditional manufacturing methods, it undergoes meticulous production, where no effort is spared.

🍵 Harnessing Nature's Power: Grown in sun-deprived fields in the mountains, it shields tea leaves from direct sunlight, allowing nature's vitality to infuse a unique sweetness.

🍵 Hand-Picked Excellence: The leaves are hand-picked, emphasizing the special "one bud, two leaves" known as "ichishin nibyō."

🍵 Distinctive Flavor: Enjoy the unique smooth sweetness brought about by increased amino acid theanine.

🍵 Beautiful Tea Leaves: To maintain freshness, the tea leaves are carefully processed and crafted into beautiful needle-like forms before being shipped.

🍵 Luxurious Experience: Savoring "Yame Traditional Authentic Gyokuro Green Tea" offers a luxurious experience and a taste of the pinnacle of Japanese tea.


🍵 The finest tea is a golden hue, close to being colorless and transparent.

🍵 It is the first tea to obtain the 'GI certification,' a system through which countries protect the relationship between the place of origin and the product, and it is the only Gyokuro to receive this certification.

🍵 "Mukoh Matcha" offers the finest selection of "Yame Traditional Authentic Gyokuro" tea leaves through direct trade.

🍵 Discover the perfect way to brew "Yame Traditional Authentic Gyokuro": Use 4g (approximately 1 teaspoon) of Gyokuro per 60-65cc (approximately 2-2.2 ounces) of water, with a water temperature of about 30-40°C (86-104°F). Steep for about 2 minutes to savor the tea's unique flavors to the fullest.

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