worldpeace Inc. SEA FUCOIDAN DX Genuine Authentic Japanese Ultra-High Concentrated Seaweed Extract

Genuine Authentic Japanese Highest Quality Fucoidan Ultra-High Concentrated Seaweed Extract SEA FUCOIDAN DX

worldpeace Inc. Genuine Authentic Japanese Best Fucoidan SEA FUCOIDAN DX

It has been 20 years since SEA FUCOIDAN was released.​ ​

In order to provide the best quality fucoidan, we have put effort into the improvement of product quality including purity, safety, and selecting ingredients.
After conducting various joint research with research institutions, we have launched SEA FUCOIDAN DX as a better fucoidan supplement than the conventional one.​ ​

Molecular Weight

SEA FUCOIDAN DX Contains 2 Kinds of High-Purity Fucoidan.
High-purity fucoidan extracted from Tongan Mozuku is decomposed into Ultra-Low-Molecular weight Fucoidan by our unique technology.

【Ultra Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan】

Molecular Weight


High-purity fucoidan carefully extracted from Chilean kelp called Durvillaea Antarctica.


【High Molecular Weight Fucoidan】HORIUCHI H-FUCOIDAN​

Molecular Weight


SEA FUCOIDAN DX which was decomposed into Ultra low molecular by our unique enzyme decomposition technology.

We make seaweed ingredients into molecular weight as low as possible by using our unique enzyme decomposition technology.​ ​

Originally, the molecular weight of fucoidan exceeds 200,000. It is said that the molecular weight that human beings can absorb into the body is about 3,000. If it wasn't making it into low molecular fucoidan, it would approximately discharge from the body.​ ​
Sea Fucoidan DX achieves efficient absorption of fucoidan into the body by setting the average molecular weight to 500 or less. That is how you can absorb fucoidan smoothly into our body by Sea Fucoidan DX.

High molecular weight fucoidan, SEA FUCOIDAN DX was born by the joint research with Kyushu University.

In 2017, the government of Fukuoka and Kyusyu University has been worked together and started joint research of high molecular weight fucoidan extracted from Durvillaea Antarctica.
The new high molecular weight fucoidan, SEA FUCOIDAN DX extracted from a kelp call Durvillaea Antarctica from Chile was born by the joint research.
Durvillaea Antarctica is grown wild in the Antarctic Ocean and the southernmost of South America and is brown algae which are loved by people for many years as a stomach medicine.
The picture shown on the right is an illustration of Durvillaea Antarctica, which is sent from the embassy of Chile.
The actual one is a large brown algae, 10m-20m in length. It is not affected by a toxic substance and so on.
It contains good quality fucoidan as it grows in the mineral-rich Antarctic ocean.
worldpeace Inc. Sea Fucoidan DX


Maximize the Power of Fucoidan with Our Unique Technology.
We are Committed to Quality Ingredients.

Percentage of High Molecular Weight in SEA FUCOIDAN DX 900ml
Approximately 18%

Percentage of Ultra Low Molecular Weight in SEA FUCOIDAN DX 900ml

Approximately 80%​ ​


*Other 2% contains Vitamin etc. No preservative.


Sea Fucoidan DX maximum 1.81times than Normal Type SEA FUCOIDAN

Sulfate group

Sea Fucoidan DX maximum 2.08times than Normal Type SEA FUCOIDAN


NO Preservative


Our fucoidan sets high standards in the Manufacturing process, and is certified by various external organizations.

It is a proof that our fucoidan products has been certified by the worldwide quality assurance organizations.
Our products should be safe and reliable to help improve everyone's health.
We continuously conduct quality control and deliver safe and reliable fucoidan.

Sensory Analysis / Radioactivity Inspection  / Food Canning Establishment (FCE), Submission Identifier (SID)


Raw material

Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan is Made from Tongan Mozuku.

Kingdom of Tonga, Southern Paradise

Okinawa Mozuku, Mekabu, and kelp are often used as a raw material of Fucoidan, but we use Tongan Mozuku which is grown in the rich ocean. Tongan Mozuku has high Fucoidan contain, and it's reliable and safe.

The Antarctic ocean current has plenty of minerals and is pollution-free.

Tongan Mozuku grown under such conditions is excellent in safety and rich in minerals, even though it is said that seaweeds accumulate heavy metals such as arsenic and lead. Furthermore, bullets or cannonballs has not been found in Tonga ocean because there is no history of war. That is to say, the ocean has originally no water pollution.

worldpeace Inc. Genuine Authentic Japanese Fucoidan Sea Fucoidan DX 

We use safe and high-quality Fucoidan from the Kingdom of Tonga.

The Kingdom of Tonga comprises around 170 large and small islands in the South Pacific Ocean. It is located at the point where the International Date Line and the Tropic of Capricorn intersect. Its total surface area is about 697K㎡, and the population is 100,000. The Tonga ocean is made up of cool seawater rising from the Tonga trench which is said to be the second deepest sea in the world and is rich in minerals. Any harmful substance such as heavy metals has not been detected in this ocean area.​ ​

【SEA FUCOIDAN DX 900ml×2bottles】
●Contents: 900 ml × 2 bottles with measuring cup

●2 Types Available: Sweetened type (Honey) / Sugar-free type​ ​

[Expiration Dates] Unopened: 2 years

[Raw Materials]

【Sugar-free type】
Brown algae(Mozuku,Durvillea)/Vitamin C Acidulant(Citric acid) Vitamin B1 Nicotinic-acid amide Vitamin B6 Vitamin B2

【Sweetened type】
Brown algae(Mozuku,Durvillea) Honey/Vitamin C Acidulant(Citric acid) Vitamin B1 Nicotinic-acid amide Vitamin B6 Vitamin B2

【Nutrition Facts per 100 g】

【Sugar-free type】
Energy 5kcal、Protein 0.1g、Lipid 0.1g、Total carbohydrate 1.9g(Sugar 0.6g、Dietary fiber 1.3g)、Natrium 72.2mg(Amount equivalent to salt 0.183g)、Vitamin C 200mg、Vitamin B1 3.8mg、Vitamin B6 1.3mg

【Sweetened type】
Energy 18kcal、Protein 0.1g、Lipid 0.1g、Total carbohydrate 5.0g(Sugar 3.8g、Dietary fiber 1.2g)、Natrium 73.6mg(Amount equivalent to salt 0.187g)、Vitamin C 200mg、Vitamin B1 4.5mg、Vitamin B6 1.3mg

Take 30ml 1~2 times a day before meals or on an empty stomach