What is fucoxanthin ? Fucoidan is extracted only approx. 0.001% from brown algae such as Mozuku(Cladosiphon Okamuranus), Kombu(Kelp), and Wakame(Undaria).

Fucoxanthin is a rare ingredient that can be extracted only approx. 0.0003 to 0.0006%.

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Fucoxanthin EX succeeded in stabilizing fucoxanthin which was hard to handle until now.

Fucoxanthin is a component with value as a rarity. But it has a weak point which is inactivated by
heat or light when fucoxanthin alone is extracted.

While knowing that it has high functionality, the situation continued that it did not reach commercialization.

However, as a result of repeated trial and error for many years, we have found that high quality
fucoxanthin alone can be shelf-stable

through providing our original manufacturing method to extract and stabilize.