FUCODIAN Effects & Benefits

Fucoidan Effects & Benefits

What is Fucoidan

Fucoidan is a natural component that is abundant in the slime component of seaweeds such as Akamoku, Mozuku and Kelp, and is repair the damage of seaweeds from drying out at low tide. Fucoidan is an important ingredient of the seaweed, and it is known that it is contained much especially in Akamoku and Mozuku.

Fucoidan Effects & Benefits 

Fucoidan is a natural ingredient that normalizes the natural healing power.

 Research has been advanced due to attention paid to intestinal regulation, immunity activation, antiviral action, etc., and in addition to restoring human defense function and immunity, antitumor, anticancer action, neutral fat suppression. The functions that are indispensable for the health of modern humans have been clarified academically, and it is known that they normalize the natural healing power inherent in humans.

Efficacy of fucoidan

Immunity activation effect
Fucoidan is known to restore and improve the natural healing power of humans and improve their constitution. It is transmitted from cells on the surface of the intestine to the whole body through blood and stimulates "intestinal immunity" to immunize. It is said to increase power.

Apoptosis inducing action
Apoptosis is the action that causes cells to disappear naturally as if they were self-destructing. If the apoptotic effect can be induced in cancer cells, the cancer cells can take a big step forward and function well. It's a big key. In recent years, it has been confirmed that fucoxanthin contained in fucoidan has an apoptosis-inducing effect.

Protection of internal mucosa by reducing Helicobacter pylori
Fucoidan has the role of protecting the mucous membrane in the body, and the mucous membrane of fucoidan stimulates the mucous membrane of the stomach and makes the stomach move actively. It has also been confirmed to reduce Helicobacter pylori, which is said to be one of the causes of gastric ulcer and gastric cancer.

Build a body that does not rust
Brown algae, the raw material of fucoidan, protect themselves with the slimy component on the surface. It does not repel bacteria and also has an antioxidant effect that barriers active oxygen generated by strong sunlight and ultraviolet rays. Therefore, it is said that it protects the body from rust caused by aging, blood vessel coagulation, and spots, which are mainly caused by active oxygen.

・ Will Fucoidan be effective for everyone?

Many years of research have confirmed that fucoidan absorbs and does not absorb, and in some cases it may not be fully effective for some people. There is also data that it is highly effective for people who eat seaweeds on a daily basis, and it is suggested that there may be a difference depending on the frequency of fucoidan intake. Although it is very effective for those who absorb it, it is not sufficiently effective for people with weak absorption, so it is necessary to take advantage of the high antitumor, anticancer, and immune activity of fucoidan. You need to know if you have a body that absorbs well before taking it.