FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about worldpeace Inc. Fucoidan

I am worried about the effects of radioactivity.
- Our fucoidan products use Mozuku from Kingdom of Tonga and Kelp from Chili for Sea Fucoidan. Akamoku Fucoidan uses Akamoku from Itoshima Kyushu Japan where there is no worry about radioactivity.

 Is it ok to take Fucoidan with medicine or while I'm in hospital, having treatments and taking some medicines?
- Our fucoidan products are not a medicine, it can be consider that is only a liquid of Mozuku, Kelp or Akamoku ( brown algae) so basically there is no problem to take Fucoidan with medicine. 

 Does drinking too much Sea Fucoidan increase iodine intake?
- When it comes to Sea Fucoidan, iodine is completely eliminated during the manufacturing process. So please do not worry to take Sea Fucoidan about iodine.

 Are there any side effects to take Sea Fucoidan?

- Sea Fucoidan is a botanical liquid extracted from natural Mozuku and Kelp, so it has no side effects reported, but it may cause diarrhea due to its high intake. In that case, it is advisable to adjust the amount of drink.