Yame Dentou Hon Gyokuro / Yame Traditional Real Gyokuro protected brand by the nation

Yame Dentou Hon Gyokuro

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Yame Dentou Hon Gyokuro / Yame Traditional Genuine Great Gyokuro is special in every regard: Its beautiful appearance, deep, complex flavor, and distinctive aroma are the product of the finest craftsmanship backed up by the dedication, passion, meticulous care, and extensive experience of the people who produce it. 


Yame Dentou Hon Gyokuro / Yame Traditional Genuine Great Gyokuro is a fragrant Gyokuro Green Tea made by hand-picking fresh leaves produced in the mountainous areas of Yame City and surrounding cities and towns and processing them using traditional methods.

Japanese Most Luxury Finest Green Tea YAME DENTOU HON GYOKURO

Gyokuro is one of the Highest Grades of Green Tea available in Japan. Its name, translated as “Jade Dew”, refers to the characteristic pale green hue of its infusion. Gyokuro differs from other Japanese Green Teas in that the tea plants are covered in the shade before harvest, resulting in a full-bodied tea that is highly valued in Japan for its mellow and rich flavor. Of all the Gyokuro produced in Japan, Yame Dentou Hon Gyokuro / Yame Traditional Authentic Gyokuro is considered peerless due to the high degree of skill and care that goes into making every cup. Even the leftover tea leaves are highly prized, and are eaten with ponzu or soy sauce as a delicacy.


Where is Yame?

YAME DENTOU HON GYOKURO - the most Luxury, Finest, Japanese Gyokuro, Green Tea

Yame ( Yame City ) is a city located in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. Yamecha / Yame Green Tea is produced in Yame and surrounding areas, and is a Green Tea known throughout Japan.

Origin of Yamecha / Yame Green Tea

Yamecha / Yame Green Tea is a type of tea produced in Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan. Yamecha / Yame Green Tea makes up only about 3% of Japan's green tea production and about 45% of Japan's Gyokuro production on an annual basis. It is highly prized and one of the first regions in Japan to grow tea. Yamecha / Yame Green Tea is high in flavour-producing compounds such as theanine, glutamic acid, and arginine. Many tests on tea cultivated in this area have shown to produce a strong, sweet body. The natural Gyokuro produced here has been prized since ancient times. Yamecha Gyokuro makes up about 45% of all Gyokuro production in Japan. Yamecha Gyokuro is well known in Japan for its high quality. 

Yame Gyokuro

Gyokuro is primarily cultivated in mountainous areas. This limits the amount that can be produced, and in order to stand out in the domestic market Yame decided to produce tea to the highest possible standard. Since the early 1970s, other areas have begun using machines in the Gyokuro cultivation process, but Yame continues to use tried-and-true traditional methods. The results speak for themselves. Since 1995, YAME DENTOU HON GYOKURO / Yame Traditional Authentic Gyokuro has received numerous awards for quality and excellence from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries on an almost yearly basis.


YAME DENTOU HON GYOKURO The finest luxury gyokuro green tea

Gyokuro is characterized by a unique green scent called "covering scent" by covering the raw material leaves during growth.

Generally, it is covered with a chemical fiber material, but Yame Dentou Hon Gyokuro / Yame Traditional Genuine Great Gyokuro is covered with "Sumaki", which is a rough weave of natural materials such as reeds.

Compared with chemical fiber materials, the temperature and humidity environment inside the covering is more suitable for the growth of Yame Dentou Hon Gyokuro / Yame Traditional Authentic Gyokuro Green Tea buds, and the "natural covering" provides sufficient nutrients to each

Yame Dentou Hon Gyokuro / Yame Traditional Authentic Gyokuro Green Tea bud, resulting in a bright green color and gloss.

YAME DENTOU HON GYOKURO mukoh matcha mukoumatcha japanese green tea 

How is Yame Dentou Hon Gyokuro Made?

Yame Dentou Hon Gyokuro tea bushes are covered with tradetional reed screen approximately 20 days prior to picking. By limiting the amount of light that reaches the new shoots while they are growing, the generation of catechins from amino acids (theanine) is suppressed, resulting in lower astringency and a rich flavor. An aroma, is one of Gyokuro's unique characteristics. 

How to drink Yame Dentou Hon Gyokuro / Yame Traditional Genuine Great Gyokuro?

With the committee to the fore, we hope to deliver Yame Dentou Hon Gyokuro / Yame Traditional Genuine Great Gyokuro that carries our seal of excellence to discerning customers across the EU and beyond. To this end we endeavor to suggest to our customers, new and exciting ways to enjoy Yame Dentou Hon Gyokuro / Yame Traditional Genuine Great Gyokuro, such as our ‘cold infusion method’.


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Mukoh Matcha / Mukou Matcha is the