Yamecha Matcha

Yamecha Matcha

Yamecha Matcha is a tea produced in Japan. Matcha is produced in Yame-shi and its encompassing areas. 3% of Japan’s tea production is made up of this tea. Yamecha Matcha is a highly expensive tea, and it is produced in those areas where one of the first tea was made. Matcha is powdered green tea produced with the help of standard stone wheels. It is a very demanding tea because hot water is directly poured into the bowl. Once it is mixed with tea, it becomes a frothy mousse. Matcha has a vivid jade color with a tonic and dense flavor. 

Matcha has skyrocketed lately due to its health benefits. It is now found in lattes and teas. Matcha is now found everywhere, from health stores, pharmacies to coffee shops.



Matcha comes from the same plant as that of other teas, but the harvesting process of Matcha is much different as compared to other teas. The tea leaves are grown for a time period of three weeks, and in this process, the plants are covered from direct sunlight from the sun in order to stop the overproduction of chlorophyll. This helps in the bright green color of Matcha. When the leaves of Matcha are ready for the process of harvesting, they are handpicked. Then they are steamed and dried, and what we obtain at this point is called tencha, which is then ground in fine powder. The grinding process is usually done commonly with the help of stone wheels in order to get the rich aroma and taste of this tea. Nowadays, grinding machines are also used in order to fasten this process.


Here are the top benefits of Matcha, all based on science.


Matcha consists of a large number of catechins. This helps stabilize harmful free radicals. In fact, the number of catechins is 137 times greater than that of any other green tea. Including Matcha in your intake could improve your antioxidant consumption, which may help prevent cell loss and even lower your risk of various incurable diseases.


Our liver plays a vital role in protecting us against harmful toxins and drugs. Recent studies show that Matcha helps in protecting the health of our liver.


 Some research shows that Matcha could help prevent our brain damage and may help our brain function much better. Matcha causes much improvement in reaction time, attention. Our memory can also be much better with the help of Matcha.


Matcha consists of those nutrients which can help prevent cancer. It consists of a large quantity of ECGG, which helps in preventing cancer. Prostate cancer cells can be killed off with its help.


Matcha can help you lose weight. Whenever we look at weight loss techniques, green tea is at the top, and similarly, Matcha can help us in this matter.

Matcha comes from the same plant as that of other green teas, but due to the use of the whole leaf, it has much better health effects as compared to other green teas. You can easily incorporate it into your diet and enjoy the taste and aroma of this fantastic tea. Information about buying this tea can be found at this link.


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