Sanpachi contains Yame Matcha and Young Barley Grass which are produced and harvested in the Yame region, well-known around the world for their green tea leaves. 

Production Process:

Yamecha is a tea produced in a prefecture of Japan located in Kyushu. Yamecha Gyokuto is highly valued and this region is one of the first regions to produce tea. This area is suitable for growing tea because the climate is hot during the day and extremely cold during the night. Yamecha is grown in about 1560 acres of land and thus 90% of Yame is located in the region of Yame-shi. This tea is made from an unusual cultivator which helps in producing flavorsome and sweetness. Our Yame Gyokuro is from the initial flush season which has been steamed and this it is a little bit more roasted than the usual Yame available in the market. 

Barley grass which is known as barley greens are those plants with are still babies and aren’t grown enough to start producing seeds. These plants are full of nutrients that help them grow much healthier and larger seeds and thus they give an advantage if they are used at this young age.

This plant, Barley grass is commonly used in juices and thus is present in juice bars. Barley grass is used in powder form and thus it can be turned in green juice. This can be done without the addition of some other ingredients.


Better Digestion:

As barley grass is a common source of fiber, they help in our digestion as they contain both soluble and insoluble fibers. The good bacteria are fed by the insoluble fiber, which helps in better digestion of food and thus they also help in keeping our intestines in good shape. The soluble fiber helps in absorbing sugar slower which keeps sugar and cholesterol levels low.

Healthy Heart:

Sanpachi can help prevent the ingestion of LDL. This results in lowering the risk of high blood pressure and thus improves our heart in its functions.

Clear Skin:

Vitamin C one of the major constituents of green tea can help in glowing our skin and prevent acne. Wrinkles can also be avoided with the help of vitamin C present in this tea.

Fat Burning:

Sanpachi contains an antioxidant ECGG which can help in making our metabolism much faster thus it can support the body in burning calories.

Mental Alertness:

Sanpachi has a high amount of caffeine which helps in our mental alertness throughout the day. This caffeine is much better than the caffeine present in coffee because it is released in small quantities. This we can enjoy this state of mental alertness for a long time.

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