Genuine Authentic Japanese Highest Quality Matcha, Green Tea, Gyokuro Online Store “Mukoh / Mukou Matcha” by worldpeace Inc.

Highest Quality, Authentic, Ultra-Low Molecular Weight, Japanese Fucoidan & Fucoxanthin by Worldpeace inc.

Worldpeace inc. have been retailing Fucoidan since 2000. We, World Peace Co., Ltd. introduces only the highest quality and best Japanese Fucoidan. Fucoidan has gained recognition in recent years, and the number of people who are drinking or taking it to maintain their health has increased considerably compared to the past. As a result, there are more fucoidan products than before, and we are frequently asked that people do not know which fucoidan product to choose for them. At the beginning of our handling of fucoidan, the name of fucoidan was hardly known, and we only dealt with “Seafucoidan”, which is famous for low-molecular fucoidan. Currently, as sister products, `` Seafucoidan DX '', `` Aminofucoidan '', `` Fucoxanthin EX '', `` Seahucoidan DX capsule '', `` Akamofufucoidan '', various types of fucoidan from liquid type, capsule type, jelly type We handle products. In addition, we have not only low molecular weight, which we have been handling for 20 years, but also high molecular fucoidan. Recently, inquiries from overseas for fucoidan have increased, and World Peace Co., Ltd. ships fucoidan to various countries. we'are really happy that fucoidan produced made-in Kyushu, Japan, is attracting attention all over the world. However, please keep in mind that dummy sites and counterfeit goods have been on the market as much attention has been paid. World Peace Co., Ltd tours the fucoidan factory and talks directly with the producers to introduce you to only good and safe fucoidan products. You can search for detailed product information at World Peace Co., Ltd. or←Click here If you have any questions or concerns about Fucoidan, you can contact us from our website. World Peace Co., Ltd. makes every effort to introduce truly good products so that everyone can choose and drink Fucoidan with no worry.

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