Genuine Authentic Japanese Highest Quality Matcha, Green Tea, Gyokuro Online Store “Mukoh / Mukou Matcha” by worldpeace Inc.

It's time to boost your immune system! Strengthen your body with natural every day drink.

SANPCHI will help and keep your body health. What SANPACHI is, the natural powder of Matcha and Barley Grass. That's it! No preservative, No sugar, No salt, No Fragrance. Just simple, plain Matcha and Young Barley Grass. There are so many type of Matcha, however SANPACHI's one is highest quality and made 100% in YAME where the most famous Gyokuro ( upper class GREEN TEA leaves ). Also young barley grass is grown and harvest in YAME too. We, worldpeace inc. only retail Genuine and Authentic products. Matcha has so many nutritions such as Vitamin, Catechin, Carotene etc., likewise Young Barley Grass. Since SANPACHI is stick type, you can bring them in your bag when you are away from home. Just put 1 stick in your cup or bottle and shake it. Taste like Matcha and you get so much nutrition.