Collection: Yame Matcha / Highest Quality Genuine Authentic Japanese Matcha

Yamechα / Yame tea is a high-quality Japanese green tea grown and produced in the Yame region of Fukuoka Prefecture. It is one of the popular green teas known for its high quality and high price, and in recent years it has been enjoyed by tea lovers all over the world. Yame matcha is a type of matcha that is divided into various grades depending on the quality of the tea leaves used, cultivation methods, and processing methods. Ceremonial grade: Made from the youngest and softest tea leaves harvested from the first (spring) new tea of the year, this is the highest quality matcha. Ceremonial grade matcha is ground with a stone mill, so no heat is added, the particles are fine and the color is vivid. It has a sweet and delicate flavor and can be mixed with water or hot water. Premium grade: Premium grade matcha is also made from young tea leaves harvested from the first (spring) new tea of the year, but it is machine-ground instead of stone-ground. Premium grade matcha is also vivid green in color and can be enjoyed dissolved in water or hot water or used in cooking or sweets. Culinary grade: Culinary grade matcha is harvested from first (spring) & second (summer) green tea leaves and has a slightly lower grade than premium grade. However, Mukoh Matcha confectionery grade matcha green tea powder is not the lowest quality. It is suitable for drinking, cooking, baking, and smoothies.